Top Trending Home Landscaping and Gardening Ideas for 2018

Landscaping cannot be compared to purchasing a carpet or rug that you spread inside your living room. It involves natural growth and development, a process that can only move at the pace of nature. Different people have different tastes in how to blend nature’s tapestry into their spaces. The diversity might be attributed to cultural backgrounds, exposure through travel, love for experimentation, financial implications and much more.

According to experts from savannah landscapers people are very receptive to unique trends of landscaping, which are in line with modern spin-offs. Briefly described are top trends we can expect to witness more frequently.

Natural materials

GardenAfter years of being dominated by landscaping materials such as d├ęcor, the focus is shifting to natural materials. Designers are opting less for the geometric styles we got accustomed to in the 90s. Instead of going for clean and modern options, clients prefer the old-fashioned do-it-yourself gardens.

Clients are attracted to real and authentic experiences, such as the feel of an organic garden in their yards. Market research reveals a spike in the desire for tactile materials such as stone and wood in the gardens. Unless one resides in an ultra-modern domicile, concrete is no longer a major preference among clients.

A combination of succulents and beauty

Designers today are falling for the minimalist style approach in terms of materials with more attention given to natural materials. Using native plants, particularly those of local origin has gained a great deal of popularity over the years. The effects of climate change have seen shifts in designs in different regions.

Factors such as increased snow, no rain, etc., are a few o many changes. We can consider the local rules that govern the area, for instance, retention of stormwater, chemical runoffs, and so forth. Research reveals that nature has its unique therapeutical property that relieves stress and increases your general well-being.

Flowers within the natural landscape

A patio can be allocated more space to accommodate outdoor living rooms or kitchens. This provides an environment for relaxation and maximum entertainment. The setting resembles that during a private retreat. To get the entertainment theme right, small or medium water features may be added.

Comparison of flowers

To get your nature-scaping right, there is no choice but to partner with mother earth. To avoid disappointments, always go for native species that will adapt to the soils without being subjected to vigorous pesticides or fertilizers. This creates a natural habitat which does not cost too much yet attracts butterflies, insects, and birds.

City design

As drought hits most parts of the world, most homeowners are highly aware of their water situation. Authorities are imposing harsh restrictions on cities and municipalities. People are starting to look further away from modern technology, rain sensors, and irrigation systems. Looking beyond the amount of rainfall and the irrigation system provides a new platform where people can exercise creativity and innovation during landscaping.…